A Delegation from Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies visits the headquarters of Arabic For All on Sunday, 1/29/2023


A delegation of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies visited the headquarters of Arabic For All.
 The delegation was presented by the Rector of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, Dr. Rikhsieva Sh. Gulchekhra, accompanied by the Uzbek ambassador Dr. Ulu Glick Maksoud. 
The delegation was welcomed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arabic For All, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sheikh, the scientific supervisor Dr. Aqil Al-Shammari, and the executive team of Arabic For All.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Sheikh started by introducing Arabic For All, its efforts and projects to spread the Arabic language in Uzbekistan and internationally, and the goals it has achieved globally. Dr. Muhammad also noted the great importance of The State of Uzbekistan due to its geographical and demographic location and its historical connection to the Arabic language.

The Rector of the university, Dr. Gul Shuhrarukh Sioufa, explained in depth the nature of the Arabic language department at Tashkent University for Oriental Studies and its programs in the Arabic language.

Then the Uzbek ambassador, Dr. Ulu Glick Maqsoud spoke about the close relations between the two countries and the scientific projects for the Arabic language planned.

The meeting concluded with the brotherly Uzbek delegation signing a memorandum of understanding with Arabic for All and the two parties exchanging aspects of cooperation to facilitate the dissemination and development of the Arabic language in Uzbekistan.

Arabic For All and its team are always eager to exert all means in developing and facilitating the dissemination
 of the Arabic language around the world.
Arabic For All .. Everyone can master Arabic.