This series comprises a comprehensive curriculum in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. It begins from basic level i.e.: with real beginners and ends when they nearly master the language to a degree that enables them to continue their further studies in universities where the medium of study is Arabic.

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Instructions for Arabic teachers to promote their professional efficiency in teaching Arabic for non-native speakers.

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Phonetics book is specialized in teaching sounds of Arabic language and training to utter them. It benefits both students and teachers and is supported with an audio CD.

Lessons in Teaching Arabic Phonetics Buy More

Knowing how to learn a language is a key issue in the success of learning a second language; and given the importance of the role played by the learner in the success or failure to learn a language.

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An audio course for teaching Arabictonon-nativespeakersfor English speakers(

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High quality visual clips teaching Arabic phonetics & pronunciations to non-Arabic speakers

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