This series is the first program in a series of other programs in the project called 'AL ARABIYYA'L-IL JAMEE' Arabic for all.

This series comprises a comprehensive curriculum in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. It begins from basic level i.e.: with real beginners and ends when they nearly master the language to a degree that enables them to continue their further studies in universities where the medium of study is Arabic. The following is a brief summary about the series.

I. Characteristics of the series:

·The latest series in teaching Arabic to the speakers of other languages.

·A systematic organization of the structure of the units.

·Sound and phonetic features have been treated in a variety of ways and some of which are totally new.

·The structure of each book took a form that suits the level it is intended to.

·Each book is encased with its tapes in a compact case for easily handling.

·The series was uniquely produced.

·The series focuses and addresses both genders (male and female).

II. The aims of the series:

The series aims at achieving the following competencies.

·Language competency that includes the following:

a. The four language skills:




4.Writing (mechanical and creative).

b. The three language elements:

1.Sounds (Various phonetic features).

2.Vocabulary (contextual and idiomatic expressions).

3. Grammar Structures (A suitable dose of grammatical and morphological rules).

·Communicative competency.

·Cultural competency.

III.The series addresses adult learners.

IV.The language used in the series is the modern standard Arabic. No medium language is used.

V.The components:

The series is composed of three levels:

The basic level : Student's book + Teacher's book.

The intermediate level : Student's book + Teacher's book.

The Advanced level : Student's book + Teacher's book.

An Arabic illustrated dictionary.

Eight recorded tapes or CD accompany each book.

VI. Guides of the series:

·The integration between the skills and elements.

·Taking great care of the Arabic sound system on both distinction (recognition) and production levels.

·The language material is well graded in presentation.

·Individual differences are taken care of.

·A variety of texts are selected: dialogues, topics, stories etc…

·The functional aspect was taken care of when presenting grammar structures.

·Oral skills were taken care of in basic level.

·There is great balance between language elements and skills.

·A variety of drills and exercises are used.

·Unit system has been use in the presentation of materials.

·The number of words and grammar structures in each unit is highly controlled.

·New words are presented in full context.

·Word glossary and expressions are listed for each book.

·Benefit has been made of word lists available in the Arab world.

·Benefit has been made of common grammar structures lists.

·A variety of tests are made at phases for each book.

·Benefit has been made of other programs dealing with the preparation of teaching material of other language.

·Cultural concepts have been presented in interesting ways.

·Illustration has been used overwhelmingly specially in the first book.

VII.Time allotted for teaching the series:

The time expected for teaching all the series is 300 periods approximately (one period lasts about 45 minutes).

VIII. Symbols used in the series:

listen look write

read speak reference to supporting vocabulary

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